Posted by David Lariviere on Mar 06, 2018
"'I do it for the smiles," said Connie Busemeyer of Caring Therapy Canines. "Our organization, CTC, is an independent, non-profit, social therapy dog organization with over 40 licensed volunteers who work in 7 counties. CTC actively promotes therapy dog visits in our local communities and provides a network of support for volunteers who have registered therapy dogs."

Suzy is with us this morning at Rotary.  She is a 12-year old female Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who had been an AKC show dog. Along with Merlin, a young male Pembroke Welsh Corgi, they keep a busy schedule of weekly visits to hospitals & care facilities, schools & universities, libraries & educational seminars, hospice & disaster events, and other special events such as Kid's Day, Safety Town, Relay for Life, and more.

If you have seen us about town or at Medina Hospital and The Avenue, we always attract a crowd.  Therapy dogs tolerate a wide variety of experiences, environments, and people while providing emotional support and comfort to many.  The benefits of a therapy dog include: increasing social interaction and communication, lowering stress levels and blood pressure, and providing unconditional acceptance and love.

Caring Therapy Dogs is grateful to Medina Sunrise Rotary for inviting us this morning to share our story that "Sometimes the best therapy begins with a wet nose and a wagging tail."

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a presentation for your organization, if you have questions about training or testing, or if you would like to be considered for CTC membership:

Connie Busemeyer at email or our website